Tree Sparrow Mosaic


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Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) held against a natural wood setting.

Often I could and would catch a glimpse of these jet-like birds flying around the community lake, the old beach we would call it, under the dock.  The swallows would build their homes out of mud, no bigger than their tiny bodies. The nests would look like little cocoons. They were enjoyable to watch. Zooming back and forth carrying food for their young. This handmade stained glass piece attempts to display to unique tiny aerodynamic stature of the Tree Swallow.

Message: Johah 2:9 KJV

Each mosaic includes a scriptural passage, God’s words of inspiration. I would go to the lake to think. I enjoyed philosophy, thinking deeply…before I knew what philosophy was. Salvation puzzled me. Years later I’ve learned God pursues you, but will not intercede or push his way into your life.  I only understood salvation when I understood God’s calling, and I only understood God’s calling when I accepted God’s call. This passage reminds me one can’t run from God’s love and when you do, which I have done, here you will see “salvation comes from the Lord”.

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Key holder, Pyrography Scripture, Standard


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