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Why stained glass mosaics?

There is something precious and fragile about stained glass.

Its substance is so hard that only a diamond ? can break through its form.

Yet it’s fragile, with one slip, the glass could break into disarray.

The difference is where you apply the pressure. Carving into the glass takes precision and only the sharpest materials, diamond bits.

Pressure placed down on the sheet, the smooth part of the glass, easily breaks but the form is chaotic. Symmetry of shapes can not be made using this method.

The soul is much like a mosaic stained glass piece.

God’s grace, precious and more valuable than diamonds, can apply the right amount of pressure and precision to our lives to create each piece of us, perfectly aligned with our soul’s purpose, resulting in Harmony and Peace.

Life in all its splendor, constantly changing, applies its own pressures onto our souls.

This pressure is surface level because only God knows our hearts to change our structure from within.

The glass is fragile from the surface, much like our souls.

The wrong moment or too much pressure on a fault line can crake the whole sheet.

The glass is still good but it takes a craftsmen to understand its potential and mold it back into the work.

Many of my pieces include both straight tailored patterns, cuts, and fragments re-purposed into the design.

They represent life and all its beauty, the external unformed pieces and pre-designed shapes that make us a miracle of life.

It is my belief that God is our creator and master craftsman. Accepting his love into our lives and allowing the Holy Spirit to mold us produces the end result we were made to experience.