You’re Living Art – Creating what has been created. The value of art is the value it means to you. I’m here to remind you that you are a living work of art.

Art process

It begins with you. Send me a photo portrait of no more than two subjects (people, animals, it’s up to you). I’ll review the difficulty of painting the subjects and send you a quote.

Technical Stuff

  1. Enter your request for a quote here
  2. Send a photo of what you would like painted to Quote@ShelzStudio.com
  3. Shelley will email you back a quote and contract. The average investment is $100 per 8″ x 10″ painting
  4. If acceptable, sign the contract and email the signature page to Quote@ShelzStudio.com
  5. Once Shelley finishes painting your work of art, she will email you proof of the finished painting. At this point, you can request additional items (such as a mat or frame) for an additional cost
  6. If acceptable, submit payment (check, cash, or credit card)
  7. Your hand-painted keepsake will be shipped to you